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GaurdianRCM has revenue cycle solutions customized for hospitals, physician practices, vendors and laboratories. The company’s line of solutions aims to increase cash flow, maximize productivity and reduce paper processing dependency. GaurdianRCM specializes in electronic transaction management, emergency department business services and laboratory revenue cycle management.

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GaurdianRCM brings the right people, process, and technology together to streamline your revenue cycle including the various Revenue Cycle Management disciplines that take your valuable time away from the patient. The size of the organization does not matter – whether you’re a medical billing company or healthcare system, GaurdianRCM’s best practice engine and unique solutions will elevate your revenue cycle to the next level.


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Revenue Cycle Management

Get the full payment that you’ve earned with revenue cycle management solutions from GaurdianRCM. Our revenue cycle technologies cover the breadth of revenue cycle management, while the Our medical billing & coding team with certified coders allows your staff to focus on patients.

Medical Transcription Services

Medical Transcription Services Market: A thorough analysis of statistics about the current as well as emerging trends offers clarity regarding the Medical Transcription Services Market dynamics.

Medical Coding Services

Accurate medical coding plays an essential role in healthcare information management and overall quality of care. Medical coding audits, both internal and external, ensure that healthcare organizations have the proper policies and procedures in place to achieve quality medical coding.

Denial Management

Denial management in medical billing involves resolving denied or rejected insurance claims by identifying the root cause of the denial, correcting the error, and resubmitting the claim. Effective denial management can help healthcare providers maximize their revenue and reduce the risk of financial losses. It requires a systematic approach that involves tracking and analyzing denied claims, developing strategies to prevent future denials, and ensuring timely follow-up with insurance companies

Payment Posting services

Payment posting is a vital step in the medical billing process, as it helps healthcare providers manage their revenue cycle effectively. Our payment posting services ensure that every patient's payment is accurately recorded, reducing overall costs for healthcare providers. GaurdianRCM can manage this entire process for you. Not only do we take away the headaches, we also deliver superior performance across many parameters such as higher accuracy, productivity and significant reduction in denials.

Data Entry Services

GuardianRCM provides top-notch data entry services that help businesses streamline their processes and achieve digitization of data. With easy access to digital files, companies can make informed decisions and monitor their performance effectively. Our services ensure that businesses have a reliable and efficient way to manage their backend operations and access valuable data resources. By partnering with us, businesses can experience a significant Changes in the way they keep and manage their information.


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At GaurdianRCM, we strive to create a healthier world by thinking
​​​​​​​ big and unlocking opportunities for us, our customers and their patients.

We Follow Best Practices

There are several steps in the revenue cycle and a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong. Keep things right; have us provide our Billing services and we will make your practice as efficient as possible and maximize your financial return

Why Choose Our Firm -

Over the years, our experience and investment in knowledgeable resources have allowed us to become a leading provider of outsourced revenue cycle management solutions.

Enhanced Infrastructure

GaurdianRCM has the infrastructural capacity and the expertise to avoid unnecessary disruptions that mostly occur due to regulatory changes or unforeseen errors. With our help, you can always bank on achieving the best possible results, while leveraging our state-of-the-art infrastructure and web-ready interfaces to achieve better operational flexibility

Stringent Data Privacy

GaurdianRCM is an ISO certified company and is also 100% HIPAA compliant. We always remain within the regulatory guidelines and ensure that at each step of the way, our client is apprised of compliance issues, if any. We have strict protocols in place to safeguard all business-specific information and customer information.

Higher Competency

Most healthcare organizations face exceptional challenges when it comes to training, implementation, and adjusting to the learning curve of a revenue cycle system. With the help of RCM, we can help our clients streamline the process by utilizing our team of exceptional medical billing experts and project managers who double up as your solution architects as well.

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Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management solutions that tackle physician groups’ biggest challenges.

Your GaurdianRCM Client Services team can help you with specific revenue cycle challenges or conduct a complete revenue cycle audit to identify inefficiencies in your current RCM systems. Plug into our proprietary intelligent automation and expert services capabilities to reduce denials, improve revenue capture, boost staff productivity, eliminate outdated processes, and put an end to revenue leakage.

Patient Access

Blend scheduling, registration, clearance, intake and payment functionality into one welcoming, self-service experience for patients.

Denial Management and Prevention

Ensure full reimbursement and proactively address chronic errors to stop denials ahead of time.

Financial Clearance

Set expectations about patient payment responsibility and offer financial advocacy.

Patient-Friendly Billing

Provide consumer-preferred options such as online bill pay, automated payment plans and omni-channel customer service.

Coding Management and Education

Facilitate speed, accuracy and appropriate payment while supporting increased coding compliance and reimbursement.

Health Information Management (HIM) Coding Review

Analyze patient accounts and claims to determine proper use of CPT and HCPCS codes and DRGs.

Payment Variance Analysis

Identify incorrectly reimbursed or denied accounts and manage the appeal process to receive correct payment

Strategic Pricing

Analyze chargemaster, payer contracts and competitiveness to find areas of pricing opportunity and create pricing scenarios aligned with strategic goals.


GaurdianRCM wants to continuously improve customer satisfaction by providing better & State of the art Healthcare IT services and products to the society. To be a globally preferred healthcare organization and make a difference in the healthcare ecosystem. We bring comprehensive, unified management facilities that offer all-in-one, reliable service for both your plans local or nationwide


We improve the financial life of our provider, giving them the freedom to focus on patient care. To be leaders in Cloud Based Healthcare Solutions in Healthcare Make GaurdianRCM the most Customer Friendly Company To help hospitals to make society a better place to live by improving healthcare delivery to patients


As healthcare organization,We are committed to providing the best possible care to its patients and keeping the best RCM services in place makes it easier to fulfil those commitments. The healthcare RCM services provided by Practolytics are customized to meet your unique clinical requirement.

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The decision to outsource a part or the entire project is totally left to you. We provide customized solutions to each and every client.

We serve a wide range of customers:

  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Physicians and healthcare consultants
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We make sure that no client data is published, sold, or distributed to any third-party. Our employees sign a non-disclosure agreement while joining and also at the beginning of any new project. Your data is completely safe with us.

Our team is proficient in using a variety of software like E-Clinical Works, Kareo, Advantx, Medical Manager, MEDISOFT, NextGen among others.

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